Kathakali Vazhipadu. Mahanivedyam
Mukkudi Attayum Kuzhambum
Namaskaram Thiruvonam Pooja
Panthirunazhi & Athazham Prasadam Oottu(Temple feast)
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Kathakali Vazhipadu.

Bhagavan Dhanwanthari, at Maruthorvattom is very fond of Kathakali. He is particular that it should be played right in front of him in the 'Anakkottil' and not on stage. Many devotees offer Kathakali Vazhipadu. In fact, Kathakali offering starts several days before the annual festival because the festival days are not sufficient in number to accommodate all the aspirants. The most played 'Katha' is 'Santhana Gopalam' This offering is made by couples who after years of futile medical treatment and other methods to get an offspring, have approached Lord Dhanwanthari as the last resort and got their dream materialized. The interesting thing about this Vazhipadu is that it is performed only after first birthday so that he or she can take part in the play as one of the children of the brahmin in the story.

The story is about a brahmin whose 9 children have died soon after their birth. He went to Lord Krishna at Dwaraka with the dead body of his 9th son praying to give at least one son to descend him. When Lord Krishna kept mum before the hapless brahmin, Arjuna, one of the Pandavas who was there, promised to save the life of his next son. He assured the brahmin that if he fails, he would jump into Agni (fire) and give up his life. But Arjuna failed miserably. This time even the body of the baby could not be traced. Arjuna decided to jump into the pyre but Lord Krishna dissuaded him, went to Vaikunta (place where Lord Vishnu resides) along with him and recovered all the 10 children and gave them to the brahmin. The brahmin who was overjoyed, thanked them profusely and expressed repentance.
Maha Nivedyam.
This is the most important Nivedyam vazhipadu of the temple. ‘Palpayasam’ with one urn of milk(7.5 liters) is the ‘Maha Nivedyam’ since only fresh and pure cow’s milk is used for preparing this Nivedyam, this vazhipadu has to be booked at least one day in advance. For those who cannot afford the vazhipadu in full, there are denominations like 1 liter, 0.5 liter and 0.25 liter. Devotes strongly believe that bhagavan can be profoundly propitiated by this delicious Nivedyam. Every day there is heavy rush for this vazhipadu.
This can be offered only on the first Thursday of every month of malayalam era. This is a medicinal nivedyam intended to cure devotes of peptic ailments . This offering is made at Pantheeeradipooja in the morning of first Thursday of the month. Advance booking is necessary for this vazhipadu also, since the nivedyam is prepared only in accordance with demand. The prasadam is given at 8.30 AM and it has to be consumed on empty stomach, the same day.
Attayum Kuzhambum.
This medicinal nivedyam also, is available only on first of Thursday of every malayalam month. It is regarded as a remedy for acute rheumatic ailments. This Nivedyam is nothing but ‘Narayana thailam’ of ayurveda, fortified by the blessings of Lord Dhanwanthari. The word atta or leach in the name of the vazhipadu is only a symbol of blood purification. The nivedyam does not contain any leach. There is unprecedented rush for booking these medicinal nivedyams in advance. The overwhelming demand not only from in and around kerala but also from outside India is sure indication of its effectiveness as medical remedy.
This is an offering make to propitiate ‘Pithru’s or forefathers both near and remote, Though it can be offered every day, New moon days(Amavase) especially of the Malayalam months Karkkadakam, Thulam and Kumbham are of special importance. On these three amavasi days “Thalkkari’ is also given as prasadam along with Padachoru(Cooked rice). Thousands of devotees throng the temple on the day of karkadaka vavu. It is believed that Namaskaram Vazhipadu at Maruthorvattom is equivalent to yearly Pithru bali. Unlike in many temples ‘Namaskara Choru’ here is not given to crows but taken home to be eaten by the devotees.
Thiruvonam Pooja.
Couples who, even after several years of married life fail to produce a child take resort at the feet of Lord Dhanwanthari and get their dreams realized. They come to the temple, partake in poojas abstinence or fasting till Ucha pooja(Pooja at noon) and eat with reverence the ‘Thrikkaivenna (Butter) Plantain fruit Plapayasam and Nivedya choru given as prasadam in the temple ‘Oottupura’. Attending twelve Thiruvonam poojas is believed to give an offspring without fail. Couples who are affluent enough , offer Santhana Gopalam Katahakali Vazhipadu also. This Vazhipadu is done only after child birth. The large number of devotees seeking a date for the kathakali Vazhipadu is a clear testimonial to the effectiveness of the Vazhipadu.
Panthirunazhi & Athazham.
This offering is made for family welfare. It is believed that this Vazhipadu is quite endearing to Bhagavan. It is a sadya (feast) given to vedic Brahmins as representatives of Bhagavan. 12.25 liters of raw rice are cooked in the temple Kitchen along with all the four dishes. Brahmins, recite Sahasranama by sitting in the Kshetra mandapam, eat the food and receive dakshina. The devotee and his family members eat the prasadam in the temple oottupura. Several families are offering this vazhipadu for years without fail . It is also believed to propitiate ‘Pithru’s’.

Athazham (Supper) is a vazhipadu similar to panthirunazhi. This is conducted in the nights of temple festival, regularly by several families.
Prasadam Oottu (Temple feast).
Feeding devotees who come to temple on special days is regarded as quite benevolent. Prasadam ottu is available on prathishta days at Dhanwanthari temple, Dhwaja prathishta day, Bhagavatha sapthaham days and Navaha yagna days at bhagavathi temple. These are sponsored by the Devaswom. Devotees too can contribute their share in this through remittance at the temple counter. One day's prasadamoottu,(on Dhanwanthari jayanthi day) is exclusively sponsored by the Devaswom. Now there is a Prasadam oottu on all thursday and Thiruonam day.